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The Trafficking Report is a periodical of up-to-date news reports specifically focused on the atrocities of Human Trafficking.  Sign-up below to have the latest report emailed to you each week.

Domestic Human Trafficking News:

February 15, 2019

South AL shelter being built to help child victims of human trafficking epidemic

Human trafficking huge problem in Alabama

'The Big Search': Central Minnesota father, sons fight sex trafficking in Las Vegas

Innovation in Illinois: General Assembly Passes Laws to Provide Creative Relief for Human Trafficking Victims

Voices for Victims: Lawyers Against Human Trafficking Tool Kit for Bar Associations

Letters From Laura

01/02/2017 - 2016 Challenges, Promising New Year, New Opportunities

08/13/2016 - SPECIAL ALERT: Hope House Flooding
As you may know, the State of Louisiana has experienced catastrophic flooding over the last few days.  This historic flooding has severely impacted our long term restoration home for victims of sex trafficking, Hope House, in the most devastating way. Most importantly our residents and team are safe but every building (except one) are completely flooded.  

This will be a long disaster recovery process.  Three ways you can help:
          1. Pray for the residents, team, and volunteers.
          2. Give funds immediately for recovery expenses.
          3. Volunteer once the water recedes for cleanup and repair days.

The bible speaks that there be a season of joy and weeping but in everything our God is faithful.  Our resolve is even greater as we know our Savior will bring us through this stronger for His glory!

Thank you!

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