Take Action!

Be a Hope Giver

Your donation to Trafficking Hope’s C.A.R.E.S.  Initiative goes a long way to end Human Trafficking!

With your financial contribution we are able to:

  • Partner with local government, civic groups, churches, ethnic/immigrant/women's labor organizations, community healthcare providers, faith-based organizations and other non-profit organizations to leverage a coalition in the fight against modern day slavery.
  • Use billboards, radio spots, print media, and public forums to inform the community of the horrendous crime of human trafficking. 
  • Work to get traffickers off the street by supporting law enforcement and in the case of interception and rescue of trafficked women, we are able to involve the appropriate stakeholders.
  • Train various schools, businesses, organizations, law enforcement, and medical facilities to identify potential trafficked victims and equip them with knowledge and tips on how they can prevent and intervene when they see it.
  • Provide transitional, short, and long-term care for victims of sex trafficking through Hope House U.S. and I Am Not Forgotten Homes.