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November 6, 2014


Trafficking Hope Announces C.A.R.E.S. Initiative Expansion Into Texas and Alabama

November 6, 2014 – Baton Rouge, LA – TRAFFICKING HOPE, the Louisiana based Human Trafficking organization will be expanding it’s C.A.R.E.S. Initiative into Texas and Alabama this year. This expansion is part of a national strategy to end human trafficking in the nation, which is currently a *$150 billion dollar industry globally (ILO 2014). The expansion will help local and statewide efforts to bring local leaders, churches, NGO’s and residents together in order to create more public awareness, education and victim services.  This expansion will help these states address the problem in their own backyard. 

“We believe that in order to fight this issue, it will take each state to combat it head on, “ said Laura Domingue, Founder/President Trafficking Hope.  “I am confident that we will be able to better help the victims of human trafficking by expanding our reach and putting our C.A.R.E.S. Initiative to action in these states as well. This is about the one woman or child that we can help, and that is what this expansion is about.” 

The organization has used their CARES Initiative as a way to fight this issue from a holistic approach, including services, which are, provided through their sister organization HOPE House US.  Women have been helped from states including but not limited to Louisiana, Texas, Alabama, Mississippi, South Carolina, New York, Washington and more. 

“Our goal as an organization is to grow where we see opportunity for more people to become aware and take action, “ said Emily Morrow Chenevert, Executive Director Trafficking Hope. “This issue is about demand and money and the more we can expand our message across the nation, then we are able to hold more people accountable for their actions.  This is modern-day slavery and we must do everything we can to end it.”

Per the recent stats on Human Trafficking:

  • *Human Trafficking is one of the largest global enterprises, totaling over $150 billion globally
  • *21 million people are in forced labor, trafficked, held in debt bondage or work in slave-like conditions world wide
  • The average age of a victim to be trafficked is 11-14 years of age (Cite: Ernie Allen, President of National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, July 21, 2009) 

*The International Labor Organization or ILO (2014. “Profits and Poverty, The Economics of Forced Labor”) 

About Trafficking Hope

Trafficking Hope was founded in 2007.  The anti-human trafficking organization focuses on combatting Human Trafficking through their C.A.R.E.S. Initiative (Coalition, Awareness, Rescue, Education, Services) which includes to build coalitions, promote public awareness and education, as well as provide transitional, short, and long term services for victims through the Hope House US.  Trafficking Hope is part of the Human Trafficking Task Force of Louisiana and continues to partner with state agencies and NGO’s in order to work together and build strong allies to fight human trafficking and locate victims.

Media Inquiries Contact: Emily Morrow Chenevert