Rescue is a vital part of the anti-trafficking effort; it is also very important not to re-victimize men, women, and children who have been trafficked. Not only should your church or organization advocate for policies that solely target those causing the harm (pimps, traffickers, and customers), but your church or organization should also be available to support law enforcement in the rescue effort and meet the immediate and critical needs of a rescued victim like temporary shelter.

Identify and assign a team leader to serve as a point of contact, to oversee and coordinate law enforcement support efforts. See our Leader Profile HERE. Have the leader reach out to law enforcement at a local, state and federal level.


Support law enforcement by reporting suspicious activities. Never attempt to rescue a victim by yourself; call law enforcement, 911 or the National Human Trafficking Hotline (888) 373-7888. 

Download applications such as SEE SEND (iOS & Android) where you can anonymously report suspicious activity and AMBER ALERT (iOS & Android), the official app of the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, which provides real-time feed of active Amber Alerts on your smart phone. It is not your job to prove that trafficking occurred; it is your job to report your suspicions.


Serve law enforcement by involving the appropriate stakeholders once victims are rescued such as contacting existing shelters in your community. Build relationships with these shelters so that you are able to be a bridge in connecting them with law enforcement when a victim is rescued.

Be ready and familiar with your community resource guide so that your church or organization can act as a liaison between law enforcement and emergency resources for rescued victims. 


All law enforcement officers are required to be trained in identifying a human trafficking victim.  Offer to train them using our presentations in the Rescue Resources list below.


Train local law enforcement about the signs of trafficking using our LAW ENFORCEMENT PRESENTATION. Also see additional downloadable Printable material in our DIGITAL LIBRARY.

Check out the story of one of the residents at Hope House, a former trafficking victim on the road to healing: SARAH'S STORY

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