The after-effects and trauma that trafficked victims face often require a long period of recovery, and walking people through emotional and spiritual healing is just as important as physical recovery. Your church or organization can provide some of the services needed to bring that healing. 

Identify and assign a team leader to serve as a point of contact, to oversee and coordinate your service efforts. See our Leader Profile HERE.


The Coalition Team will have determined what service providers are offering services to human trafficking victims in your area. The men and women who will be providing the care for those who have been trafficked will need help. The needs include housing, medical care, behavioral health, life skills, education, work readiness, etc.

Reach out to service providers or organizations currently meeting these needs. Meet with them to discuss best ways for your church or organization to serve them. Some of your congregation or volunteers may be service providers themselves; encourage them to use their skills to support victims on their road to recovery.


There are some of you who wish to make transforming the lives of exploited people a life’s work and are truly called into this special area of ministry. Spiritual development will play a significant role in transforming a victim into a victor. See the included PILLARS OF TRANSFORMATION for a good idea of what this looks like. 

Pray for victims. Use the included PRAYER GUIDE to guide you as you pray for them. It is important that you are fully equipped to bring healing to those who have been exploited. Consider signing up for an internship at THE WELLHOUSE or serving at a facility in your area that's helping victims of human trafficking. Also see additional downloadable printable material in our DIGITAL LIBRARY


After a period of recovery, former trafficking victims will need to be reintegrated back into society. Providing them with a viable livelihood and community is important. For example, after completing a program where they received vocational training, such as baking, cosmetology, sewing, or accounting they will need gainful employment. Once they are employed, they may need help securing housing and transportation. Your church or organization can help support the women who have gone through a restoration facility and are in need of transitioning into a self-supporting role.

Contact restoration facilities to offer them assistance as the women transition back into society. The Coalition team will have identified groups that can assist with the needs mentioned above upon reentry into society.  You can make that connection between these groups and restoration facilities.

Check out the story of one of the residents, a former trafficking victim on the road to healing: SARAH'S STORY

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